Japanese Straigtening  

We recommend Milbon-Neo Liscio from a number of Japanese straightening product.

Neo Liscio brings you endless fun to hair ironing and hair coloring,  preserving the beauty of the hair despite being straightened repeatedly.
Achieve natural looking straight hair with boundless designs. As heat straightens hair effectively, heat damages can also be reduced with the agglutination technology, giving you soft and manageable results.

Why we choose Milbon-Neo Liscio?

This challenge opens door to hair designers. Whether it is hair or protein, all this begun with the development of NEO LISCIO while coping with the heat damage of hair straightening which we had known so far. NEO LISCIO unleashes the truth behind the changes in protein structure, resolving the 3 issues stiff hair, non-glossy hair, and the effects on hair color.

The start of development.

The research on protein science started with the review on heat damages on hair.
 So far, there isn't any fundamental solution to heat damaged hair caused by straightening. Milbon came to seek hints for heat damage, but it was not on hair science, but protein science. The research performed was different than before as it started with different nanolevel viewpoint.

Research Background.

The same changes in protein should have occurred in hair too The focus is placed on "denatured form" and "aggregated form" which is the key point to straightening and heat damages.

Heat damages can be reduced while straightening hair.
Milbon unveils its original 【Soft Protein TheoryJ】

NAc Glucosamine infused in Neo Liscio's straightening lotion is capable in stopping protein from changing into denatured form and proves to bring less changes to the cortical cells.